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End of this blog (MAYBE)

Yes, As the title.
MAYBE this is the END of this blog. 😦
I felt that there’s nothing I could post up.
Because I’m kinda busy (Busy of Studying, Doing Homeworks ) and I’m very tired after came back from school.
I even don’t have time for my baby Gunplas.
About another reason, is that I need to concentrate on studying as I said from the earlier post, there’s kinda lots of Important Exams I nid to confront.

Thats why I guys.

See ya guys in the next post if I decided to let this blog operates like before.


1st EXAM of 2011 Started

Yup, As the title.
My exam of 2011 had started yesterday.
The 1st Subject is Malay, Which I know my marks(76%) Today.

And the subject for today is Mathematic…

So I might BZ this few weeks as ther’s still English, Chinese, Physical, Geography & History.
Must work hard to get Good Results! Hope I can be the No.1 in Class as I want to get the Iphone4(I know tat Iphone5 is coming out, bt it’s ok) or Samsung Galaxy S with PG Strike Freedom!

Thats all for today!
See ya~

Minor Updates

Hi guys, it’s been a few weeks I didn’t update my blog.
Because I got alot of works to do and feeling tired. I even dun hav much time for Gunplas 😦

And CNY is coming soon and there’s just 1 week holidays.

And some loots this few weeks 🙂

GFFN FA Unicorn Gundam, Bought it for RM250 include postage.

Shin SD Chouun + Hiesen, Bought it for RM25 (Ori Price: RM45, 2x RM10 Vouchers)

And I had done my SD Nightingale!
Review will be UP very very soon!

Let’s have a comparison with 00 Qan[T] and Unicorn 🙂

Very very BZ =.=
Thats all for today~
See ya~

New loots!

Yup, As the title, I got my parcel today. Bought from a seller from LYN.

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Happy New Year 2011! + 1st loot of 2011

Haha, 2nd post today.
Happy New Year 2011! (I did say before by the previous post)
Wish all of you have a GUNPLA YEAR! Hehe.

Also, School had re-opened today, With new Friends and Teacher.
And this year, I will be having alot of Exams, like PMR and some VERY or MOST IMPORTANT EXAMS.
So I must study hard for these Exams!!!! 🙂

And also, I got my 1st loot in Year 2011!

MG Launcher/Sword Strike, HG Brave Flag Commander Unit, SD Ma Shu ( I think so )
Seriously, there still have a Gundam in the loot. It’s MG Hi Nu Gundam. But, you know what… The seller’s brother sold it during the seller is going for a Vocation =.=

So now, I got Extra Money for Gundam. What I planned to get is the TT Hongli/ Gao Gao Brand’s PG MK II Titans Version. Although I not really like bootlegs, BUT I heard alot of people said that it’s quality is almost 95% same as Bandai. So I might get it with my MC Model SD Nighthingale from a Seller at LYN.

Thats all for today.
Till the next post!

My MG Gundam Exia Collection

Yup, As the title.
This is a special post which about my MG Exia Collection.

List of My MG Exia Collection:
MG Exia Ignition Mode
MG Exia Regular Version
MG Exia Trans AM version
MG Exia Roll – Out Color (Converted from Regular Version)

For the Ignition & Regular, I got it very exp. Because that time I still don’t know how to Online Buying. As for the Trans-AM version, I must thanks alot to ZD (Zoidiect) For helping me to get it with a cheap prices ( RM60+ ). Lastly, For the Roll Out version, Converted from Regular Exia. It’s an assembled Gundam, I bought it, Because the seller selling very cheap. Selling me the MG Wing Zero Custom & MG Exia Regular for RM80. After that, I’m asking Bryan to help me sprayed it. And now, It’s Back with Roll Out Colour.

Here’s some Picture ( Photoshop by using MTXX )

Lastly, My 00 Series’s Master Grade FULL Collection:

MG 00 Qan[T], MG Exia Ignition Mode, MG Exia Regular Version, MG Exia Roll-Out Colour, MG GN-X.

About the MG 00 Qan[T], there’s a runner called “GN-FRAME”, And the parts on the runner is similiar to PG 00 Raiser. So there’s 90% + chance to have a MG 00 Raiser this year. So guys, Don’t get the PG 00 Raiser, Just wait for MG Version will be better 🙂

Till the next post 🙂

2010’s Last loot :)

2010 will be ending soon and 2011 will be coming soon.
Happy New Year 2011 guys & gals!

Here’s my LAST loot for 2010.

MG Strike E + I.W.S.P

About the I.W.S.P Backpack, I sold to Evaritus Lau From http://eva001dimension.blogspot.com/

I sold it cuz I still got 1 I.W.S.P Back pack.


I just buy the Shin Musha only, as for the extra base, I didn’t get it cuz I bought 1 from my friend recently.
Anyway, thanks to Bryan on selling me it seperately.

Here’s it!

There’s still alot pics here : http://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1763950549&aid=28543

Thanks to Bryan of helping me to AB my MG Exia to ROLL OUT VERSION! FULLY THANKS TO HIM!

2011 is coming soon 🙂
2010 is going to be a Past Tense
New Year With New Hope
Happy New Year 2011!

Thats all for today 🙂
See ya!