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Happy New Year 2011! + 1st loot of 2011

Haha, 2nd post today.
Happy New Year 2011! (I did say before by the previous post)
Wish all of you have a GUNPLA YEAR! Hehe.

Also, School had re-opened today, With new Friends and Teacher.
And this year, I will be having alot of Exams, like PMR and some VERY or MOST IMPORTANT EXAMS.
So I must study hard for these Exams!!!! 🙂

And also, I got my 1st loot in Year 2011!

MG Launcher/Sword Strike, HG Brave Flag Commander Unit, SD Ma Shu ( I think so )
Seriously, there still have a Gundam in the loot. It’s MG Hi Nu Gundam. But, you know what… The seller’s brother sold it during the seller is going for a Vocation =.=

So now, I got Extra Money for Gundam. What I planned to get is the TT Hongli/ Gao Gao Brand’s PG MK II Titans Version. Although I not really like bootlegs, BUT I heard alot of people said that it’s quality is almost 95% same as Bandai. So I might get it with my MC Model SD Nighthingale from a Seller at LYN.

Thats all for today.
Till the next post!


One response

  1. SD Nighthingale? cool…… make sure u poat it when u get it! XD

    January 4, 2011 at 9:38 am

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